Sunday, January 3, 2016

Plans for the Next Year

I'm trying something a bit different this year. I'll be doing six commissions and six icons for myself, using the money from the commissions to pay for my own iconographic projects.

These are the commissions (so far):
  1. Saint Edmund
  2. Saint Michael
  3. The Beloved Disciple
  4. Our Lady of Hope (?)
  5. More Spacious than the Heavens
  6. Tender Kissing between Jesus and Joseph (?)
Question marks indicate that the deal hasn't been closed yet but seems sure.

Personal projects;
  1. Christ the Teacher
  2. The Crucifixion
  3. Outdoor cross
  4. Saint Micheal
  5. Tender Kissing
  6.  The Mystical Supper (18x24)

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